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They used to tell us kids that our Granma moved from Long Housethis earth to the moon when she passed. There in the big moon, she shared her home with the other clan mothers and together they made the biggest medicine there is. It is only after we leave this earthly body behind, that we can make the really big healing ceremonies for our children and the next generations. This may or may not be true so the story is not to convince you that Granma lives there for sure. The point is just that gazing at the moon and wondering of such extraordinary things is a mystical experience in and of itself. It’s the gazing and the allowing of ourselves to take the journey of imagination that brings healing and truth to the human soul. Grammas were strong women in the old days. They were amazing. Most of us who have gazed at the fullness of grandmother moon will say that the light from her is very bright. The gazing makes you feel things sometimes. It can make us feel stronger or weaker or that the drama of life is somehow powerfully magnified. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rimrock Red Road Group

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The Rimrock Red Road Group is a fellowship of men and women who stay clean and sober by attending twelve-step meetings everywhere. The Rimrock Red Road meetings are regular AA meetings with a unique respect to American Indian culture and spiritual principles. They use the same twelve steps and twelve traditions as any AA meeting and are open to anyone who attends meetings anywhere else. The following paragraph is taken from the “Secretaries Report” of the Rimrock Red Road Group.

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Healing Plants

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The healing we get from any “medicine” is directly related to the amount of respect Long Housewe offer that particular remedy. Where there is little respect for the “cure” there is also minimal healing that can happen as the result of a negative attitude. When the Seneca refer to “sacred medicines”, they are often talking about anything in the natural world that can bring about healing. When we ask our Creator to lead us to the medicine, we are willing to make an offering of something in return for the gift we seek. We may prayerfully offer Indian Tobacco or silver to the harvest area before we gather the remedy. If the medicine to treat alcoholism is 12-step recovery then we focus on the entire characteristic of how it works. The essence of recovery is “giving it away to keep it.” That means when we become blessed with an end to our drinking or drug addiction, we will need to carry the message of healing to others who suffer. Giving away the solution insures lasting sobriety.

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