Healing Signatures

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Creation generously provided herbal medicines with unique Long Housesignatures to help us know what systems of the body they treat. We must remember though, that there are exceptions to every rule of nature and gathering natural medicine is a very specialized skill and if done without a great deal of knowledge, can be more dangerous then helpful. The color of an herbs flower is an essential and fascinating characteristic of the signature. Red flowers for example, indicate the herbs ability to purify blood disorders, act as an antibiotic and treat skin disorders caused by diseases of the blood. Herbs with purple or blue flowers have a sedative effect on our bodies. They treat stress, muscle spasms, act as a tonic and help us to stay calm when recovering from illness. Yellow flowers indicate the herbs ability to treat digestive systems involving secretion of bile like the liver and gallbladder and also urinary problems. They help the body rid itself of toxins and infections. Read the rest of this entry »

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Heart Medicine

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The human heart is the most miraculous and powerful Long Housepump in all the world. The heart’s natural pacemaker is a small football-shaped cluster of cells nestled in the upper right chamber of the heart. This cluster is called the sinus node and it sends out electrical impulses, causing the heart muscle to contract anywhere from sixty to one hundred times each minute under normal circumstances. Exercise causes the heart to beat faster and send nourishing oxygenated blood outward to every part of the body. The used blood returns to the heart to receive more oxygen in order to begin the ancient supernatural ritual again and again for all the years from the first moment of our lives until the very last. What an extraordinary instrument is the human heart! The most important nutrient we consume is oxygen, without which there is no life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Recovery and Interconnectedness

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Like the web of the dream catcher, we are connected to all things within the circle of life. Long HouseLight moves like a rainbow, as radiation from the sun, the stars, the moon and the lightening into the back of our eye to be interpreted. We hear the sound of clear water moving over the rocks of the river. We smell the scent of the pines and taste the morning mist. We feel the icy chill of a winter morning or the heat of the summer sun. We react to every emotional experience received through the five senses, with hundreds of biochemical responses transmitted from the mid-brain and down the spinal column into every organ of the body, mind and spirit. We react to all things seen, heard, smelled, tasted and touched.

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